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Locum Tenens is the Latin phrase for "one holding a place." Today, it refers to a physician holding or taking the place of another physician, temporarily, for any reason.

Call us toll free at: 1-855-708-5886 or fill out our contact form and we will contact you or search jobs and apply.

Yes, ProCenture will assist you in all phases of the process including helping with your applications, obtaining references, and dealing with state agencies. We ensure that your experience is seamless.

Locum Tenens allows you to work a few days per month, or 7 days a week; the choice is yours.

Yes, you can work in the setting you prefer, be it a hospital, private practice, clinic, etc. Additionally, you may choose to work in a geographic location that suits you.

Compensation will depend upon the location and the facility. Our goal at ProCenture is to give the highest competitive pay to our physicians and practitioners in recognition of their outstanding work.

ProCenture will handle all of the details for you, including travel, hotel stay, car rental, and relocation. Reimbursement for mileage of personal car use is also included.

Malpractice insurance is provided free of charge.

If you are working as a Locum Tenens employee, you are an independent contractor and you receive your checks, tax free. You are provided a 1099-MISC form for tax filing purposes at the end of the year. See this link for an in-depth discussion about this topic.

Yes. ProCenture will help negotiate your contract and transfer with your new employer.

Our staff at ProCenture will help with reorganizing your schedule so it will not be a problem. Please refer to your contract specifics. We strive to make sure the needs of our clients and physicians are met.

A wide range of bonuses are available depending upon the demands, intensity, and scheduling of the assignment. Refer to our Incentive Program for more information.

Medical scribes are professionals who specialize in real-time charting of physician-patient encounters. Scribes fulfill non-clinical functions of the provider by transcribing medical data into existing EMR systems, thus reducing the time physicians spend on EMR documentation.

The purpose of having a scribe is to increase the medical provider’s capacity to provide direct patient care, allowing the physician to provide his or her undivided attention to the patient thus increasing patient satisfaction. Scribes enhance the physician workflow and boosts physician productivity.

ProCenturerequires our scribes to become certified with the American College of Medical Scribes Specialists (ACMSS). This guarantees our scribes to have the baseline knowledge and skills required to be a successful scribe.

In a hospital setting, scribes are not allowed to enter physician order entries. Certified scribes are allowed to “pend” orders for their physicians to accept and execute in a clinical setting per the directions of provider.

Yes. Scribes are trained to comply with HIPAA. Our scribes are educated on HIPAA and HITECH, work through scenarios and

If a scribe is unable to make a scheduled shift, the scribe must find a replacement for that shift. If unable to do so, we will have one of our on-call scribe come in and work the shift.

Physicians often dictate their notes into a recorder which is then transcribed by a remote transcriptionist who transfers them into typed reports. This typically causes a 24 hour (or more) delay from the time patients are seen to the time of chart completion. Scribes complete documentation in real-time, therefore charts are completed after examining your patient. The scribe’s physical presence makes a difference in providing administrative support and becoming an integral part of the care team.

Traditionally scribes do not have direct contact patients; specifically, they do not touch patients, handle fluids, provide medical advice or data interpretation. However, scribes with certifications as MAs (medical assistants) or LVNs (licensed vocational nurses) may be instructed by facility to assist as is needed (dependent on agreement with facility and training.)

They are paid hourly, via the scheduled ProCenture payroll cycle.

YES, you can! Scribes have the opportunity to become ‘Chief scribes’ within their department or work with ProCenture, at the corporate level.

Scribes are required to work a minimum of two shifts per week. ProCenture requires scribes working part-time to commit to a minimum of two years and for full-time a minimum of one year. We do not offer summer or seasonal positions.

Yes it is! This job offers flexibility, schedule-wise, allowing you ample time to also work on your course load while giving you a unique medical experience that is very impressive on your postgraduate applications.

  • Work in a demanding and fast-paced environment
  • Tech-savvy and able to exhibit proficiency in typing skills
  • Legible handwriting
  • Work in a demanding and fast-paced environment
  • Ability to read, comprehend, write and speak in fluent English
  • Ability to stand, walk and follow a physician for extended periods of time
  • Lift approximately 25 pounds

ProCenture will provide the scribe with their uniform, upon confirmed onboarding of scribe.

The biggest difference is that the scribe gateway program utilizes your own staff to meet your facility needs while the full program implementation consists of ProCenture integrated scribes into your facility from the process analysis, recruiting, hiring, training and management of scribes who are our employees.

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