Nurturing a long-term program requires resources, time and attention to detail, in order to thrive. ProCenture’s medical scribe services provide a hassle-free solution, handling all the nitty gritty details involved in the successful implementation of your new scribe program. The key components of a successful scribe program include: addressing deficiencies and problems faced in your facility, followed by the creation of a customized implementation program to meet your needs. Our superior training program which is in alignment with ACMSS (American College of Medical Scribe Specialists) ensures that only the highest quality certified scribes are under our employ.

What it entails:

Full Program Implementation and Management (all inclusive)

  • Meet with stakeholders to grasp the goals of each facility
  • Collaborate with IT, HR, billing and any other personnel to begin implementation process
  • Educate providers and medical staff on the workflow with scribes
  • Recruitment and Screening of all Scribes
  • Customized Scribe training targeted specifically to specialty setting and EMR
  • Scribe are employees of Scribe National
  • Hourly Fee (per scribe)
  • Scribe National oversee all scheduling and management of scribes
  • Onsite clinical training by certified trainer
  • Continual quality assurance and compliance tracking