Why Scribes?

Physicians and providers are now mandated to utilize EHRs (Electronic Health Records) with the ultimate goal of improving patient care, efficiency, information sharing, cost reduction and continuity. This goal, however, has resulted in unforeseen side effects in the workflows of hospitals and physician practices.

The Problem
Spending valuable time with electronic documentation during patient care time and extended after hours results in: a huge reduction in attention during face-to-face patient visits, potential for poor documentation, physician dissatisfaction, reduced patient satisfaction, lowered revenue for physicians and facilities, longer wait periods for patients, lower scores in quality measures and poor delivery of care and practice of medicine.

The Solution
ProCenture medical scribe services provide the necessary support, needed by providers and facilities, to “get-the-job-done.” Our medical scribes undergo intensive training to ensure positive results and improvements towards your practice and/or facility.

  • Increases in physician productivity, efficiency and satisfaction
  • Decreases in physician burnout
  • Improved physician work-life balance
  • Increases patient satisfaction
  • Higher HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) Scores
  • Optimization of patient flow
  • Increases in RVUs (Relative Value Units), billing accuracy and overall revenue