ProCenture house call physicians and extenders provide medical care and evaluation for all patients including those covered by insurance, Medicare, or are uninsured.

What we do for our patients:

  • We evaluate you at your place of residence to address your medical concerns
  • We provide real-time medical diagnosis, recommendation, and management plans
  • We arrange for new medication and prescription refills with your preferred pharmacy
  • We work with our home health partners to ensure you receive all of your necessary nursing and therapy needs
  • We provide referrals for medical equipment and devices in collaboration with your PCP or directly with one of our providers
  • We work with our lab and imaging partners to bring testing to your place of residence
  • We refer and arrange for specialist visits with our network of physicians should you require one
  • We evaluate your home environment to ensure safety in collaboration with our physicians, occupational therapists, and home health experts
  • We can assume your care or refer you to the nearest PCP if you do not currently have one
  • We can retain our house call visits if you have a PCP and will work with them to ensure you receive well-rounded care and follow up
  • We address complex medical concerns that cannot be addressed in a 15-minute office visit


What Patients Can Do

  • You may contact us anytime you need medical attention and we will provide assistance
  • You may designate a family member, power of attorney, or primary caregiver to contact us on your behalf if you require medical care
  • You can select us as your primary care provider
  • You can speak with your insurance provider or Medicare representative about our services and we will advocate on your behalf
  • You can refer other patients, friends and family members with chronic medical conditions unable to visit clinics or hospitals including those with disabilities and behavioral health problems for evaluation, care, and management
  • If you are a Medicare recipient you are automatically qualified for our services
  • If you are insured we will work with your insurance provider to get you enrolled in our program at no cost

Your care is in your hands, so let us assist you in living the healthiest life possible.