ProCenture House Calls

ProCenture House Calls provide a comprehensive home medical evaluation by experienced physicians and physician extenders in the comfort of a patient’s home. We bring state-of-the-art patient care to your doorstep when you need it.

Our physicians and extenders provide care to patients recently discharged from the hospital, those unable to visit a clinic due to a disability or chronic medical condition, those affected by multiple medical conditions that cannot be evaluated fully during a clinic visit, those with complex medical concerns, and those who seek the convenience of being evaluated by a physician in the comfort of their home.

ProCenture physicians start by identifying primary and secondary medical issues, addressing each condition individually, and providing comprehensive management plans and recommendations. We then utilize our diverse resources of ancillary care including nurses, nurse practitioners, physical and occupational therapists, and home care health organizations to address supplementary needs including home safety and compliance resources.

Recent studies by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services and Department of Veteran Affairs showed that patients who are consistently evaluated and seen by physicians at home experienced improved morbidity/mortality rates, lower ER visits, lower readmission rates and overall better health outcomes.

The ProCenture team extends these life-saving outcomes at little or no cost to patients. Our team is owned and operated by physicians motivated by the sole purpose of improving healthcare outcomes for our population.

The ProCenture team provides care for all patients including those covered by insurance, Medicare, or are uninsured.  Contact us at


For patients

ProCenture house call physicians and extenders provide medical care and evaluation for all patients including those covered by insurance, Medicare, or are uninsured. What we do for our patients: We evaluate you at your place of residence to address your m

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Home Health Agencies

We work closely with highly selected home health agencies to form a cohesive team for patient at home visits. Home health agencies provide ancillary and allied services to our patients including nursing care, physician/occupational therapy, home health ai

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We Take Referrals From: Home Health Agencies Hospitals Assisted Living Facilities Nursing Homes LTACs Rehabilitation Programs & Facilities Patients Individuals whose family members need house calls/visits   Our robust referral programs ensure we

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