The“ProCenture Approach”

The “ProCenture Approach” is our customizable, strategic model that involves a multi-team effort to create optimal management, staffing and resources for your facility’s implementation. The healthcare industry is dynamic and demands instantaneous results. ProCenture meets these demands by creating a best practice model, building programs from the ground up while collaborating closely with clients to fulfill their needs. With our successful team of professionals working every step of the process, we help you achieve your goals–

Consultation —> Evaluation—> Customization —> Execution —> Outcome Measurement

Consultation- Our professional team is made up of actively practicing physicians in various fields. Together with our professional and talented account managers, we consult with each client to determine their immediate and long term needs, basic metrics, challenges, operations and management strategy

Evaluation- Working alongside the client and using their initial consultation, ProCenture analyzes the client’s current situation to develop customized, strategic steps to update the processes. We use an evidence-based approach, industrial standards and expertise to develop an updated strategy for your organization.

Customization- Customers and clients have specific challenges and needs based on location, professional needs, urgency, capacity and finances. ProCenture works to diligently works with the client to produce a tailored program to meet clients’ needs.

Execution- Once a customized program has been agreed upon, our team enters the field with ample knowledge to begin implementation of the program. Your problems now become our problems, and the burden is now on us to produce results.

Outcome Measurement- ProCenture does not abandon clients after their program is implemented. We proactively seek feedback from clients, physicians, operation managers, schedulers and administrators in order to measure outcomes and progress of the program. We enforce objective measurement criteria and evaluate quality metrics. Our team continuously updates our clients on the changing world of the business and how to create innovations to stay ahead of their competitors.

Put your trust in ProCenture. Let us relieve you of your burdens and problems. Let us discuss how we can partner and collaborate with you to produce the results you seek…