Practice Management

ProCenture Medical Group is an integrated group of physicians of different specialties of Internal Medicine/Hospitalist, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine,…etc. who work as independent contractors in different hospitals, and states, managed by ProCenture’s Practice Management team.

Our network of doctors span multiple states with different licenses and certifications while working independently for hospitals of their choice. Daily operations for these physicians including licensing, credentialing, licensing, payroll, accounting, travel etc are managed by our internal management team.

These core groups of physicians are friends and colleagues who have known and worked with each other for years and can attest to each other’s clinical competence. As a team, we have successfully assisted in initiating, building and stabilizing new groups and practices, providing them both short and long term coverages. The operations of the medical group, which include state licensing, credentialing, travel, payroll, and insurance are coordinated by the ProCenture practice management team.

ProCenture Practice Management Services specializes in using this core group of physicians to staff different clients and facilities’ around the country. For hospitals and physician groups, who intend on initiating new physician programs or are interested in overhauling existing programs, we provide:

  • A comprehensive management structure
  • Personnel to handle day-to-day operations
  • Guidelines, policies and procedures
  • A clinical framework with our physicians to improve facility quality measures, patient satisfaction, and overall patient outcome
  • Post discharge follow-up care for patients to prevent hospital re-admissions

We ensure complete management of your physician staff, from start to finish, including: long term contracted staff, independent contractors, locums and supplemental staffing needs

  • Defining the scope and timeline of individual program needs
  • Planning cost-effective coordination of physician schedules and program budgets and expenses
  • Malpractice coverage
  • Implementation of proven, customized, healthcare management strategies to maintain a strong cohesive team for our programs