Residents & Fellows || Opportunities

ProCenture also has a wide variety of placement possibilities for Residents and Fellows with many benefits such as:

  • Moonlighting opportunities for extra income during training
  • Schedules that fit perfectly into your busy schedule
  • Filling in the gap between residency and fellowship while deciding on further training versus permanent placement
  • The opportunity for first-hand experience before committing to a temp or permanent position
  • Help with credentialing and state licensing with application updates upon graduation
  • Finding permanent placements and/or LT positions
  • Competitive pay with insurance coverage
  • Coverage of travel, mileage, hotels, etc.
  • Special Incentives for Residents, Fellows, NPs, PAs, CRNAs, Trainees*
  • Refer a colleague or friend for permanent placement and receive $1,000
  • Refer a physician for permanent placement and receive $1,000
  • Refer a NP, PA, CRNA for permanent placement and receive $500
  • Contact us for more information.