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“Locum Tenens”, a latin phrase meaning “to hold a place”, is commonly used in the healthcare
industry to describe the employees hired when businesses face staff shortfalls and need to fill
vacant positions temporarily. These employees usually work from a few days to six months,
depending on what the situation demands. There has been a significant rise in the interest for
locum tenens jobs. These jobs appeal to a number of different job-seekers, from retirees seeking
productive engagement to graduate hoping to sharpen their skills. Whichever type of employee one
is, there are things you can do that will significantly boost your chances of landing the highly
competitive slots. Here are a few tips:
1. Self Examination
If you are looking for a Locum Tenens assignment, its important to first evaluate your present and
future needs and to consider how they cohere with this potential job. Typical questions include: is a
Locum Tenens assignment rewarding enough both materially and psychologically? Will it help me
to build a better life? Am i looking for a flexible working schedule? If the requirements of the job
include relocation, do i have the minimum requirements necessary to practice? How will I obtain
the appropriate licenses? Deeper self examination and introspection is important to ensure that the
Locum Tenens assignment you seek fits within your purpose.
2. Contact the best recruitment agency
While many Locum Tenens staffing agencies exist in the market, not all of them are legitimate.
Identify the best and most accredited agency. CompHealth is one such agency with the most
extensive and professional reach and expertise. Keep in constant communication with them. It
would be appropriate to physically visit their offices and have a comprehensive discussion about
what you are looking for. Let your job expectations be known and inquire about job opportunities
that suit your skill set. Ask as many questions as possible about the different employers they have
or are working for. It might help to leave your resume with them should they need to reference
some details within a short notice.
3. Plan accordingly
Working with recruiters might entail a whole load of paperwork. This includes resume and many
other pieces of information necessary for the job being sought. Update your resume to reflect
recent changes in your work history and recent certifications earned. Also include the list of
verifiable and dependable references who will be asked for specific details about you. Your copies
of application or cover letters are also important. Locum Tenens jobs engagements vary in the
period of time as well as flexibility. Your cover letter must capture your job preferences to enable
the recruiter to properly align with your wishes. Its important to be in constant communication with
the recruiter occasionally physically visiting their premises whenever possible.
4. Consider location
It’s important to be ready with all the necessary paperwork in case a job opening arises in a
different state. Make sure you have state licenses and certifications, which can be obtained online
if you meet the requirements. You can also seek the assistance of the Locum Tenens recruitment
agency in the completion of the necessary paperwork. CompHealth is more ideal because of their
extensive network, spanning many states. They have relevant agency partnerships that will be
instrumental in expediting the whole process. Multiple state licenses are important, especially for
jobs that will require you to be constantly on the move. Having these licenses ready ahead of time
will be beneficial to you because you can begin working immediately after your employment
agreement is signed.
5. The devil is in the detail
Assuming that the Locum Tenens recruitment agency has managed to get you the job you
specified. There will be plenty of paperwork to be filled-out and signed. Don’t rush into signing the
dotted line. Take time to fully understand the responsibilities and expectations of the job.
Familiarize yourself with the laws in the state you will be practicing and know your liabilities in
cases where malpractice is involved. Current practice in the market is that the Locum Tenens
recruitment agency should provide you with the malpractice coverage, so a legal professional
should be contacted in order to fully outline this policy



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