Where we form partnerships:

Outpatient Medicine-
We recognize that each facility is unique and understand the pressures associated with increasing patient volume while reducing office costs. We eliminate the burden of documentation and allow you to move unencumbered from patient to patient. Physicians spend time specializing in their field, why should scribes be any different?
Scribe National’s specialized scribes are sought after for their field-specific training to each specialty. We alleviate the need to sacrifice your time in order to compensate for treating more patients and completing your documentation.
Emergency Medicine-
Emergency Departments serve as the entry point and lay the ground work for the rest of the hospital hence it is important to have a well-functioning and efficient running facility ProCenture scribes are equipped to adapt to the ever changing and demanding environment of the Emergency Department. With the increased stress of keeping up with volume and documentation, scribes allow physicians to focus on the patient. Their proactivity and productivity allows for an increase in number of patients seen per day and an increase in RVUs.
Hospital Medicine-
If you are a physician or hospital administrator interested in improving your hospital’s efficiency and physician retention we can help. Scribe National scribes are certified and trained to stay on top of rounding, expedite admission and discharges, eliminating the after-hours charting which ultimately leads to physician burnout. Our live charting enables and results in an overall improvement in patient care and increase in HACPHS scores.
Urgent Care-
Urgent Care facilities offer quick and efficient patient care. Though they may be smaller, they still face similar challenges faced in the Emergency Department and hospitals. Partnering with ProCenture, our medical scribes will allow for increased direct patient care and improved patient satisfaction.