Procenture Healthcare’s Top Three Reasons to Work as a Locum Physician


locums work





Thinking about spending a month backpacking in Europe or finally taking a family vacation to a mountain resort? Or perhaps you will like to spend some time living in another state to be closer to friends or a significant other, without making a permanent move. With contracts as short as one month, locums work give Physicians the flexibility to work while traveling and maintain a work-life balance. A Locum Physician is a doctor who temporarily fulfills the duties of another. Locums can pick up shifts any time. Hospital facilities usually reach out to Locum Tenens agencies, such as Procenture Healthcare Solutions, whenever a doctor needs to take an extended leave or when extra coverage is needed during peak seasons.


Locums work





Higher salaries

Locum Tenens hourly rates are much higher than permanent Physicians. Simply stated, Locum Physicians do the same work and make more money. According to Medscape, Locum Physicians earn 33 percent more than a Permanent Physician. Rates for Emergency Medicine Locum Doctors average $170 per hour and Nocturnists can make up to $240 per hour. Physician Assistants can make an average of $100 per hour.  Locum Physicians also receive housing and travel reimbursements.




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If you are thinking about finding a permanent home for the future, locum shifts give you an opportunity to explore various facilities and build contacts. Hospital facilities often hire Locum Physicians for a work trial before extending a permanent offer. Most of the positions that are available at Procenture Healthcare solutions are Locums-to-Perm and many of our providers have obtained permanent positions with our clients. Locums work is also available for Advanced Nurses and Physician Assistants.

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